Children and young adults attend their local school, which provides a basic education,

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for university and vocational training if they desire and we provide scholarships to students who have the ability to continue their education

Informal lessons

One of our trainees has been studying computer for a while and he is now teaching computer classes at the centre.

Sovanapoom Care is also working this year with rural families. The families will study a 3 year program. 

The program consists of Health, Finance management, Morals, these can be major causes of family breakdown.

It will be taught with facilitators, they will leave cassettes or MP3 with the family. A certificate will be rewarded at the end of the program. The facilitators are trained by Sovanapoom Care.

You can make the difference

You can help make this happen.  Please see our donate funds page to make a donation towards the J846N development project!