We are very grateful for all offers of assistance with the work that we do within Cambodia.
The role of a volunteer incurs a heavy responsibility to protect both the children and the reputation of Sovanapoom Care in Cambodia and beyond. It is for this reason that we have strict guidelines regarding volunteers at Sovanapoom Care.  
We are sure you will appreciate and agree with the reasons for these guidelines.


Our Aim

Our aim is to provide the students and beneficiaries of Sovanapoom Care with:

  • a safe and positive environment for learning
  • freedom and security to grow up as well adjusted young men and women
  • a learning experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting
  • on-the-job vocational training to encourage independence and prepare students for the workforce and life after school
  • social skills, encouraging good behaviour, politeness and gentleness
  • teaching in the Khmer cultural traditions of respect and esteem for elders



Creating a stable environment

We currently restrict short-term volunteers. We have found that the children create strong bonds with the volunteers who leave again causing the children considerable emotional distress.  When this occurs over and over again, it defeats our aim of providing a stable environment for the students.

Our goal is to have the Cambodian staff as the main teachers and carers, maintaining a family focused environment whilst the students are learning at Sovanapoom School.  For this reason we must limit the number of volunteers visiting during school times.


Are interested in volunteering for 6 months or longer? 

If you are interested in undertaking volunteer work with Sovanapoom Care for a period of six months or more, please contact us with an email outlining your personal and work experience history for consideration.

Community Outreach Sundays - All Welcome

If you are in Cambodia and would like to visit Sovanapoom on a Sunday morning, this can be arranged.
We accept visitors between 7am and 12pm on Sundays mornings only.
Visits are during the Community Outreach Service and the Sovanapoom Church Service during which you may see the work of Sovanapoom Care also.