Barnyard Fun

24/02/2013 23:55

We've always had lots of animals around the place.  


If you've ever visited Sovanapoom, you've probably met our chief mascot Esther the friendly dog, there's also Dog the skinny dog, and Puma the black dog, Anzac the happy dog also comes for visits. 


There's usually some more productive creatures around the place too.  


In the past we've had goats. They were a nice idea, but not very practical when you have to go hunting for grass and food for them to eat everyday otherwise they're likely to discover the clothesline!


Then we had Babe the pig.  He was a nice idea too, but he thought he owned the place and when he discovered that food came from the kitchen that was the end of that story.

We've also had lots of chickens. They were very cute to start with, then they were quite useful for Ra's specialty fried chicken.

But seriously, chickens take a lot of looking after to keep them healthy and to get them fat. So we've taken a break from chicken farming lately. 


The latest addition to our animal family are the ducks. Mother duck landed in our backyard one day and she decided to stay. We're not quite sure why as there's not much water around, but we quite like her and John likes that she puts some manure around the garden so she was allowed to stay. Then the boys thought she looked lonely so they bought her Father duck.


Now we have baby ducks!  They've very cute now... we figure they'll be just about the right size by the 25th December...

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