How does your garden grow?

15/03/2013 15:45

We have a garden! 


The whole property here rests on a bed of sand to raise the level above the wet season floodwaters. The building foundations are all buried far beneath that, but when it comes to growing anything, we have a lot of sand to work with. 


That doesn't make it impossible, just a little bit more difficult. So John has been working to build up the soil with micronutrients from natural fertilisers such as EM and lots of composting. It's taken a little while (because he's been more focused on the big farm) but we're starting to see some lovely results with lots of greenery. 


It's still early days but there's going to be a lot of yummy edibles in this garden too - strawberries, mangoes, bananas, bamboo shoots, hidden vegetables, herbs and lots of fun surprises to be found!