Planting for Now and the Future

02/06/2013 15:18
Dear Friends,
You know you’re an amazing lot of people. The number of individuals who contribute to this organisation on a regular basis is less than 30. Over the past 15 years you have achieved so much and have changed the lives of many, many hundreds of people. I often think of you and what you’ve all been able to achieve.
We are ready to move into our next stage of being self sufficient in this work. This would be achievable in 1 ½ years with a few more projects being supported and finished. The last 6 months has seen quite a dramatic drop in our funding, which hasn’t helped us moving towards that, but with the foundation we’ve built into the work here it still carries on and will not stop. We’re so excited about moving into this next phase.
We want to share that our new website is up and running and we’re posting regular updates on the blog page on that so you can now find our news on there at 
I need to be spending more time at the farm because that’s what will bring us to financial sustainability. We’ve just completed the planting of cassava over the whole property. Our new dam will be ready to be stocked with fish, which will bring us a nice income as well as supply food for the children. But we really are in need of 2 -3 more dams, a water tower/filter, and some more buildings up there.
Your generous support has helped to make all of this work happen over the years and we would appreciate your continued support as we work hard to establish the work here to be sustainable for the future. If we had 300 people giving US$20 each a month that would be $6,000 every month, which would cover our entire running costs at the moment.  We realize that times are getting tougher everywhere and we need to prepare for a day when we are not able to get donors to help us, that’s important for us too.
It’s important to remember that this work you’ve been giving into is not only going to be self-sustaining for now, but permanently providing work and livelihoods here, ongoing forever. You’re not just giving to something that’s going to stop, but you’re leaving a legacy for the future and not just for one family, but for many families. 
We really value you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Love from John, Tess and all the children