Thirsty for Water

15/05/2013 10:06

We're almost through the hottest months in Cambodia when the country dries out and rural water sources are in high demand. With the wet season coming soon, the dams won't take long and they'll be filling up again. However right now one of the biggest issues in the community around our farm in Banteay Meanchey is lack of clean water. 

When babies and young children get sick with diarrhea from the dirty water, they can deteriorate and become very seriously ill really quickly. Because of the difficulty of access to clean water and limited understanding of water borne diseases, this region is one of the worst in the country for baby deaths. We have had many people coming to the farm with big water containers seeking to take the water from our existing dams. Our existing dams aren't enough to serve as this kind of community supply, so we've had to limit people to using 20 litre containers, but they are in real need.

The local government know that we want to help people, and they've pressured us to make this project a priority and help the community with some clean water.  There has been a real lack for a long time, but particularly after this year’s dry season which has seen many people desperately seeking water, it’s been a big problem. We want to help the people and respond to the government’s request.

This important project will require the excavation of a dam for the water storage and construction of a water tower for filtration.  It’s important that we filter the water for the people because they think that our existing dam water is pretty clean as there’s no cows bathing in it like the roadside ditches where they often collect water, but it’s still far from clean and dirty water can cause diarhoea and other water borne diseases. You may have seen our water video on our media page, this is the general idea for the water tower, but this tower won't be as large as we won't need so much water pressure.

We've already put in the foundation for the water tower, now we need US$12,000 to complete the tower and US$6,000 to excavate a dam as the water source. Just US$18,000 to make this project a reality and supply water for those most in need in that community.


Remember, donations over $2 towards our aid and development project J522 are tax deductible. Check out our donations page for details on how to contribute towards this project - and send us an email to let us know that you'd like your donation to be directed to this water project.