Tree and Sina's Wedding

21/02/2013 15:33

On Wednesday 20th February 2013 we celebrated the wedding of Tree and Sina.  It was a beautiful ceremony combining elements of Khmer culture with a Christian ceremony that made these parents very proud!  

Tree and Sina have both been students at Sovanapoom Care for many years, we have become close to both of them. They were blessed to have some family members present from Sina's rural home province and even some visitors from Australia joined us for the wedding. 

After the ceremony, lunch was prepared for the morning guests. The big party didn't really get going until the evening when all the invited guests from the village and surrounds were welcomed to join us in celebration. After we enjoyed dinner together the band played (very loudly) and everybody danced and partied. The kids love to dance and have fun and at the end of the night everyone was exhausted!

Tree and Sina are living together in a flat at the Sovanapoom Centre. They are learning to be Operations Managers together and are pivotal to the daily operations of the Centre and the School. 


Photo Gallery: Tree and Sina's Wedding

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