Vocational Training

An important focus of the work at Sovanapoom is vocational training. To maximise the students opportunity for success we offer vocatoinal training for all the young people who come through our school.

Many of the youth who come to Sovanapoom Care have had a late start to their education. Often due to family and personal hardships, many young people take on responsibility to provide income for their family at a young age. To equip young people will skills to maximise their capacity and opportunities, Sovanapoom Care provides vocational training.

Relevant training for the real world

Young men have primarily focused on learning trades such as building and construction and related specialties, mechanic work,welding, farm engineering and agriculture. On the job training has enabled them to practice and hone these skills to a high standard. Training was initiated by John (a professional builder by trade) and other volunteer trades people in specific skills. 

All graduates from this program have gained meaningful employment and are able to sustain themselves with their skills.

A wide variety of interest areas are represented by the young women. Vocations include teachers, hair dressing, office administration, tailoring, and child care. Graduates from amongst the women have also been highly successful in gaining employment as they enter the workforce.

Creating employment opportunities

Employment can be hard to find so we are working towards creating employment through our own businesses. The young men have already started using their building skills and have undertaken several local building contracts. The farm is our current project with a bakery soon to follow. In this way the students will have jobs and the businesses will help to support the ongoing work of Sovanapoom Care.